Top 10 Reasons To Get DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket For Your Home. Satellite Dish TV For NFL Games.
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Top 10 Reasons to Get DIRECTV
NFL Sunday Ticket

  • 10) No more racing off to the sports bar 2 minutes before kickoff like a half crazed lunatic because you couldn’t leave until the last second when you finally found out which running back the Denver Broncos were starting this week– as your fantasy football fortunes hung in limbo… This also applies if you’re an out of town fan and you just discovered the game you want to watch isn’t on local network TV, but only on satellite TV.
  • 9) No more getting stuck in line outside a packed sports bar as your game motors through the 1st quarter, as you swear, “Never again!”
  • 8) No more haggling with the manager to find a screen to show your game within a million light years of your table… As you’re pleading with the manager everyone in the bar erupts… You missed a 50 yard flea flicker touchdown. You sadly return to your table knowing your neck will be stuck in an awkward position for the next month as you pretend to be plastic man peering around a corner to watch your game.
  • 7) You’re enjoying the game when your team’s quarterback makes a mad dash toward the end zone. Suddenly the channel switches to another game. Aliens? No. Just a few late comers who convinced the manager to switch your TV to their game.

  • 6) No more reminding the bar manager that you were already watching a game on that television he just switched the channel on… As you make your case, additional fans infiltrate your area of the bar to watch this other game……. By the time you return with the manager to get your game switched back on, he hopelessly proclaims, “sorry I can’t turn it back, look at all these people watching the other game!”
  • 5) No more over-paying for food and drinks all season at an establishment that switches the channel in the middle of your game!
  • 4) The money you would normally spend on food & drinks at the bar this season could cover DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket service for your home. (Actual savings depend on how much you usually drink while watching, and results may vary.)
  • 3) On Sunday you can host the games, and your friends will happily supply the food and drinks, because someone who understands channel surfing edicate will be in control of the NFL Sunday Ticket satellite TV remote (that’s you).
  • 2) With access to so many games you can track your fantasy players in real time on TV, the way football was supposed to be watched– rather than sitting in front of the computer refreshing NFL game stats every two seconds, which leaves you wondering what the heck you were doing at the end of the day because actually you didn’t see the game.
  • 1) With a DIRECTV satellite dish you’ll finally be in charge of deciding when it’s appropriate to change the channel to another NFL Sunday Ticket game. After all, an NFL fan’s home is a fan’s castle.

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