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NFL Power Rankings After Super Bowl XLII (42), 2008
Final Power Ranking From the 2008 Postseason
Super Bowl NFL Power Ratings – 2/4/2008

Postseason NFL Power Ranking By’s Editors
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NFL Team


Comments February 4, 2008




  Less than 60 seconds from perfection. It was perhaps the biggest missed opportunity in NFL history, yet still one of the biggest achievements. Many Patriots fans are going to say Eli Manning should have been called in the grasp on what may go down as the greatest play in NFL history.

Who can forget Asante Samuel’s near interception? And what if Brady could have mustered 1 more yard on his 3rd down bomb to Moss… A ball which Moss had to slow up for, allowing the defense to catch up; a play which would have quickly trumped Manning to Tyree as perhaps the greatest play ever.

On a tactical note, why wasn’t Randy Moss inserted to play free safety and roam the end zone with 1 minute left on Plaxico Burress’ side? It was arguably the most valuable red zone possession in NFL history– and Moss is typically used in hail-mary situations. Gone in less than 60 seconds from perfection.

*As we always said, the asterisk denotes that the Patriots remain #1 in the power rankings even without winning the Super Bowl, because going undefeated in the regular season at (16-0), and then making it as far as (18-0) simply carries much longer odds than actually winning the Super Bowl. On top of that, the Patriots did split with the Giants this season, each team winning a game by 3 points.




Congrats to the New York Giants who emerged victorious in what was arguably the greatest Super Bowl game ever.

Not a second went by where the outcome of Super Bowl XLII wasn’t in question. What more could possibly be asked for in a championship game?

Plenty more! How about one of the greatest plays, if not “the” greatest play in NFL history, made not by Tom Brady to Randy Moss, and not by Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison, but by Eli Manning to David Tyree. Watch the video. Was Eli in the grasp? Pats fans think so… Or did he miraculously escape in the nick of time to allow David Tyree to make an equally remarkable catch? Giants fans know so…

The wrist watch commercial often seen during Sunday night football games had it right all along… “Eli Manning is unstoppable.”

Meanwhile, let’s not forget the defensive performance turned in by the Giants which was nothing short of incredible, as New York won their 11th straight game away from home; an NFL record.

And so you have it, 2 NFL record setting teams that each beat the other this season by a margin of 3 points; the regular season champs and the Super Bowl champs tied for first in the final NFL power rankings.

Will next year’s NFL season match the drama of this season?

Tune in– as the Manning brothers try to make it 3 Super Bowl victories in a row; in an effort to take dynasties back to a time when they had family names attached!

† = Playoff Adjusted Record.

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