Opening NFL Futures Odds to Win Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014. NFL football future odds Super Bowl 48. Pro football betting odds.
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Archived Opening 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII NFL Futures Odds to Win Super Bowl 48. MetLife Stadium (Meadowlands), East Rutherford, New Jersey, 2/2/2014

Team Super Bowl XLVIII (48)
Historical Odds Futures

(Money odds on a $100 bet)
Arizona Cardinals +$10,000 (100 to 1)
Atlanta Falcons +$1,600 (16 to 1)
Baltimore Ravens +$1,400 (14 to 1)
Buffalo Bills +$10,000 (100 to 1)
Carolina Panthers +$5,000 (50 to 1)
Chicago Bears +$3,000 (30 to 1)
Cincinnati Bengals +$3,000 (30 to 1)
Cleveland Browns +$5,000 (50 to 1)
Dallas Cowboys +$3,000 (30 to 1)
Denver Broncos +$800 (8 to 1)
Detroit Lions +$4,000 (40 to 1)
Green Bay Packers +$1,000 (10 to 1)
Houston Texans +$1,000 (10 to 1)
Indianapolis Colts +$4,000 (40 to 1)
Jacksonville Jaguars +$15,000 (150 to 1)
Kansas City Chiefs +$5,000 (50 to 1)
Miami Dolphins +$5,000 (50 to 1)
Minnesota Vikings +$4,000 (40 to 1)
New England Patriots +$600 (6 to 1)
New Orleans Saints +$1,600 (16 to 1)
New York Giants +$2,000 (20 to 1)
New York Jets +$5,000 (50 to 1)
Oakland Raiders +$15,000 (150 to 1)
Philadelphia Eagles +$4,000 (40 to 1)
Pittsburgh Steelers +$1,400 (14 to 1)
San Diego Chargers +$4,000 (40 to 1)
San Francisco 49ers +$800 (8 to 1)
Seattle Seahawks +$1,200 (12 to 1) (Beat Denver)
St. Louis Rams +$5,000 (50 to 1)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +$6,000 (60 to 1)
Tennessee Titans +$10,000 (100 to 1)
Washington Redskins +$3,000 (30 to 1)

Archived Super Bowl Odds 2014 to Win Super Bowl 48 (XLVIII)
Super Bowl XLVIII (48) NFL futures odds from before the 2013 – 2014 season are displayed above… Check out historical 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII favorites and longshots. These were the odds to win to the Super Bowl at the beginning of the betting season for SB XLVIII, which ended up pitting the Denver Broncos versus the Seattle Seahawks, February 2, 2014, East Rutherford, NJ at the MetLife Stadium (Meadowlands). The Seahawks blew away the Broncos (43-8), nearly shutting them out.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Odds
Futures bets on the Seattle Seahawks brought home the cash at 12 to 1 or +$1,200 as the Seahawks defeated the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Denver Broncos Odds to Win the Super Bowl.
Denver Broncos Super Bowl odds would have paid 8 to 1 or +$800.

Current Las Vegas Seattle Seahawks Odds to Win the Super Bowl
To view NFL futures odds for the next Super Bowl click the following… Super Bowl Odds – NFL futures.

You can also peek back at game odds from past Super Bowls. These Super Bowl odds include the Super Bowl spread, Super Bowl over/under line, and Super Bowl money line odds.

Additionally, you can peek back at season win total odds from the 2013 season. These were sportsbook over/under lines for the number of wins each NFL team was expected to chalk up during the 2013 – 2014 season. Betters could wager either over or under the total number of season wins offered by the 2013 NFL season win total line.

To view regular game by game weekly NFL football odds, visit the main NFL odds page.

Thanks for visiting the historical Super Bowl XLVIII (48) NFL futures odds archive page (SB XLVIII odds).

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