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When it comes to making NFL picks most pro football handicappers & sports betting experts get stuffed at the goal line, because they use NFL gambling info & NFL betting stats already factored into Las Vegas pro football lines when determining their NFL football picks & predictions each week... has a different system for making NFL betting picks. We use our innovative Backwards Odds Handicapping of Las Vegas NFL odds & NFL point spreads to seek indications in the weekly NFL line as to which teams Las Vegas sports odds makers may think have an edge to cover the spread.

If you place NFL bets or gamble in a football pool, see if your NFL wagering success increases with a bet on's NFL expert picks & predictions... While the full card of week to week NFL game picks aren't 100% free NFL picks, we think you'll see by our subscription options that you're practically getting our NFL selections on the house.
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Free Sports Picks Notes
Betting on Free Sports Picks? Provides a Sampling of Free Sports Betting Picks Online in NFL Contests.

Free Sports Picks Online
If you are looking for free sports betting tips you can get a variety of free sports predictions online for pro football courtesy of

Free sports plays in NFL games are listed here for your convenience. Online sports gambling enthusiasts are welcome to get these free picks all season long.

In providing these free sport picks, is of course hoping you make the leap from our free sport predictions to ordering a pass.

Sports Handicapping Methods Used by The Common Sports Handicapper
It seems more sites than ever are serving up free sports selections.

Why are their sports picks free to begin with?

Could it be because they can’t handicap their way out of a paper bag in the long run? If you place bets with an online sportsbook or books, wagering on just anybody’s selections may be a quick way to the poor house.

Many free betting picks sites can’t see Las Vegas traps and end up telling you to make large sports wagers on games that seem too good to be true.

Anytime you place a bet at an online sports betting site or in a Las Vegas sports book using such free sports betting predictions you have to wonder about the methods being used to make these free sport picks. Even if you are paying for picks, have you ever had a sports handicapper advise you to make an incredibly large wager?

Such reckless money management is a quick way to make the sportsbooks rich. Anything can happen on the field in any given game, that’s why it makes good sense to practice conservative money management. Betting on sports shouldn’t be handled like you’re running a 50 yard dash. There is always another game around the corner… Always another opportunity to place a wager. Whether your sports bets online are based on free predictions or you are paying for opinions, the mathematics of wagering dictate conservative wagering amounts for long term survival. Many sites that offer sports picks for free simply don’t understand the numbers.

Winning Sports Picks
The plethora of sites serving up free sports betting selections and even many of the paid operations seem to think that their best sports picks of the day always warrant huge bets. But it only takes a couple of losses in a row to break your bank if you are gambling with double digit percentages of your bankroll.

So when visiting other handicapping sites, beware of placing too much credence in their information or recommendations if they advise you to load up. No game worthy of placing a sports bet on is worthy of losing half your bankroll on.

Sportsbooks love it when newbies to sport wagering think they can make a million bucks in their first week. Amateur paid sports handicapping sites and amateur free sports pick sites promoting unit based sports wagering certainly don’t help those aspiring to be professional gamblers. When you gamble on sports, if you adjust your units to much, you run the risk of losing money even if you have a winning record. doesn’t recommend such irresponsible strategies for gambling on sports.

Sports Handicappers Who Preach Conservatism
We call it a sign of integrity. At we understand that to win money in the long term against Las Vegas or online sports books, you need winning picks and steady money management.

We don’t provide a full card of free football picks, however we do provide a few free NFL picks each week to let newcomers get a taste of what we have to offer… Never bet the house on any sports picks. All it takes is a key injury on the first play and what may have otherwise been a great pick turns into a tanking stock.

Another tip is to shop for lines at various online sportsbooks. You never know which sports book will offer the best odds on the game you want to wager upon. Professional bettors do use several accounts to gain an edge.

NFL Sports Picks Made Using Backwards Odds Handicapping
If you enjoy putting down NFL bets, you may interested to know that at, NFL betting picks are made using Backwards Odds NFL betting analysis of Las Vegas NFL odds and point spreads to look for possible indications in the NFL betting line as to which teams sports odds makers may think have the best chance to cover in a given game… Learn more about how uses Backwards Odds NFL Handicapping of Las Vegas’ NFL betting lines to make weekly NFL picks for you.

Ready to Get NFL Football Picks Made Using Backwards Odds Handicapping?
If you already have a working knowledge of how uses Backwards Odds Handicapping of Las Vegas NFL lines to make selections, click for information on’s subscription options.

Beware the Amateur Free Sport Pick Site
To summarize, anyone can provide free sport betting picks. And anyone can proclaim theirs as the top plays on the web, the best NFL picks online, or the greatest NFL picks for free. But if these sites are handicapping the way most general public bettors handicap, while advising betting large percentages of your roll the way most impatient Joe Public gamblers do– the online NFL sportsbooks are the ones that will be cleaning up on these free sports gambling picks.

So when you want to bet on NFL football, or desire to bet sports of any other kind, beware of free NFL tips sites and other free sports tips providers who suggest putting big money on their winning selections… When you wager on sports, their is no such thing as a “winning pick” before the game has been played.

Learn about’s Backwards Odds NFL betting method. Learn about’s subscription options.




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