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Fantasy Football Strategies & Draft Tips

Free Fantasy Football Strategies:
If you’re looking for a few free fantasy football tips for the NFL season to improve your fantasy football odds, has a few FF tactics for you. We’re not going to give you the obvious fantasy football cheat sheet info readily available from many sites that deal exclusively in fantasy football. We’ll skip the “what to do with the first pick” fantasy football advice. Fantasy football strategy topics below include;

  • Strength of Schedule
  • Trimming Your Draft Board
  • Jekyll and Hyde schedules
  • Draft Mentality!

  • Strength of Schedule / Weakness of schedule:

    We’re beginning with the all-important fantasy football tip… Strength of schedule (also known as weakness of schedule)… Whatever you want to name it, if there’s one free fantasy football draft tip you should take away, it’s to use those strength of schedule charts that are popping up all over the internet. After all, the game of football has evolved dramatically in recent times. Whether it’s a position like tight end where more teams have been able to find seemingly uncoverable bodies in the mold of an Antonio Gates. Or the QB position where overly strict pass interference rules combined with the increase of gigantic wide receivers and tight ends have turned anyone with half an arm into a 4,000 yard passer– there is depth up and down your draft board like never before. So do not be fooled into a false sense of draft day security by the sheer number of fantasy football stars on the draft board. To get a leg up on your competition it’s paramount to consider the strength of schedule (SOS) which you’re prospective draftees will face.

    One strength of schedule fantast football spin is to be certain to make adjustments for injury situations and off-season roster moves because the schedule strength charts don’t always reflect reality!

    For example, in ’08 the Minnesota Vikings picked up pass rushing dynamo Jared Allen from the Chiefs. Strength of schedule charts based on the prior season’s statistics didn’t reflect this newly added power to the Vikings’ defensive line. Allen’s presence negatively impacted the performances of offensive players facing the Vikings.

    Meanwhile, teams playing the Chiefs that season had it easy since they had lost their dyanmic pass rusher.

    Keep such key offseason player changes at the forefront of your mind when using strength of schedule to either increase the value of players on your fantasy football draft board or decrease their value accordingly.

    Trimming Your Draft Board:

    Everyone knows that compiling a draft board can be a lot of work, and the draft moves fast. You need a good plan to stay focused in the heat of the moment. So when it comes to your draft sheet, look for ways to trim the fat and make your draft board leaner and meaner.

    Be willing to think about what NFL players you don’t want to draft, because of their difficult schedules, in addition to those players that you do want to draft because of their easier schedules. The quicker you can say, “no” to drafting a player when scanning up and down the available players left in your draft at any moment in time, the quicker you can get to a player you know is a good pick for your team.

    Divide Your Draft Board into 2 Key Columns:
    On the left put players with easy schedules. On the right put players with harder schedules. This can help you focus and improve you odds of putting together a team of players well positioned for success, which is especially important if you’re betting large sums of money to win your league.

    We Pause This Article For A Quick Message About’s NFL Picks:
    If you would like to get’s weekly NFL football picks made using backwards odds handicapping of Las Vegas NFL odds & point spreads, Click here now to sign up for a subscription or to get more information. And be sure to check the latest Las Vegas NFL betting odds. Moving on now with more tips on how to trim your fantasy football draft board.

    Team / Player Draft Day Avoidance:
    Before the NFL season begins, performs a study of the strength of each team’s schedule for the upcoming season to make NFL predictions.

    If you read the free pro football predictions you can see the emphasis placed on scheduling as an element of making annual NFL football predictions against Las Vegas regular season NFL win totals lines. By the way, if you’re betting NFL football this season, check out the preseason prognostications, you may find a few free NFL football betting tips.

    Use the scheduling angle to make fantasy football predictions too. Case in point the 2007 Buffalo Bills were scheduled to play twelve games versus teams that finished at .500 or better in 2006, including 8 games versus teams that made the playoffs the previous year. They had lost Willis McGahee, and several key players on defense. In general we liked Lee Evans as much as anybody, but we cautioned you to avoid him in the draft. And it was good advice as his yardage dropped 34% year over year and his touchdowns fell off by 37.5%… Call it a 35% drop off on average overall. Translation?

    In a 16 player draft you would have had to get Lee Evans 5 to 6 rounds later (16 * 35% = 5.6) than the average projection based on his previous season’s numbers to break even on the pick! So consider letting players with harder schedules fall to you in later rounds.

    The conclusion is to beware of placing too much value on players in potentially tough scheduling situations. Otherwise the odds could turn against you costing you the money you bet in your fantasy football league.

    So make notes of which teams have tough schedules in the upcoming season. Pay close attention to the quality of defenses your draft prospects are slated to play against also accounting for any late season cold weather games in an effort to trim your draft board. Avoid drafting players on teams with the most brutal schedules too high up. See if some can fall to you in a later round making them value picks. It’s potentially one of the best fantasy football spins going.

    Your Leaner, Meaner Fantasy Football Draft:
    Now that we’ve ironed out a strategy for moving players into two columns on your draft board;

    • The easy schedule column and/or potent offense column

    • The avoid column where you’ll only be happy to pounce if they fall lower in the draft than you normally would expect them to be drafted

    Hopefully your odds of winning your fantasy league should be improved– as you will have a much clearer path to fantasy football draft day dominance.

    Keep reading for a piece on teams with Jekyll & Hyde schedules.

    For those would like to get’s expert NFL picks against the point spread:
    If you’re interested in getting’s NFL weekly picks versus the spread, click for detailed information on NFL predictions made using Backwards Odds Handicapping of Las Vegas NFL point spreads. Or click the following to check the latest NFL football point spreads.

    Jekyll and Hyde schedules

    What’s a Jekyll and Hyde schedule you ask? A Jekyll and Hyde schedule is when a team plays a very easy schedule in one part of the season, and then a very difficult schedule in another part of the season.

    Teams can have difficult first half schedules and easy second half schedules, or easy first half schedules, and hard second half schedules.

    Then there’s inverted Jekyll and Hyde schedule’s with easy in the first quarter, difficult in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, and then easy again in the 4th quarter of the season.

    The opposite can also hold true. For example, difficult in the first quarter, easy in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, and then difficult again in the 4th quarter of the season.

    The bottom line is to structure some of your ff draft and trading activity around the presence of Jekyll and Hyde schedules. It’s been one of my most potent fantasy football tactics. Doing so can help you win your fantasy football league.

    I’ve given you the concept. It’s up to you to comb through your players’ schedules to see who has a tough run games that may warrant making a trade to get out of a soon to be falling stock!

    Fantasy Football Draft Room Mentality:

    It’s your turn to draft. You have a certain player in mind who you think will have a big year. But there are five or six other players on the typical fantasy football player rankings charts listed ahead of your guy… Furthermore, you know if you wait for your next pick, he’ll be gone.

    Should you gamble and pick another player ahead on the chart, hoping your guy will still be there for your next pick?

    Or should you grab the player you like ahead of where they normally go?

    Here’s what I do… If the player is a stud at his position, and the other players whom are ranked ahead aren’t the top players at their positions, then I draft the player I want, regardless of what somebody else’s player ranking chart shows…

    If the player suits your team, then grabbing that player just might make your season. You have to ask yourself, “If I don’t take this player now, what will be left at this position when my next pick rolls around?”

    Don’t be afraid to reach a little for great players. Especially if you like their strength of schedule. Because in the end, a team with great players usually performs very well (baring injuries). That’s our draft mentality for you.

    Click the following for a list of NFL bye weeks for your fantasy football team balancing act. As always, make sure you have substitute players for those pesky byes. There’s nothing like the sinking feeling of facing a key opponent in your league while short-handed because you didn’t plan ahead for half decent subs.

    We hope you enjoyed this bit of free fantasy football info.

    Click the following for details on’s weekly NFL picks against the spread… There’s a special going on right now.

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