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Power Rankings Archives - Most NFL power rankings bounce teams all over because they disregard strength of schedule, or over-emphasize the most recent game played; giving too much credit for a single blowout of a low ranked team, and not enough credit for a close loss to a high ranked team.

At FootballLOCKS.com we dubbed that {{unstable power ranking syndrome}}.

Historical NFL power ratings at FootballLOCKS.com payed close attention to strength of opponents played without over-crediting the last game played (that was too fresh on the mind of many writers); all in a quest to deliver you with a weekly NFL power ranking that reflected the power of each team, and not just their record. For a team to crack the top 10 in FootballLOCKS.com's NFL football rankings, they had to earn it with more than a single crushing of a bottom ranked squad-- as you'll discover when reading through the archives.

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NFL Playoff Power Rankings After AFC & NFC Conference Championship Games, 2009
Ranking NFL Prior to Super Bowl XLIII (43)
NFL Playoff Power Ratings - 1/30/2009

Postseason NFL Power Ranking By FootballLOCKS.com's Editors
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Comments January 30, 2009




Defense wins championships. And the mighty Steelers are one win away after their AFC championship game victory over the Ravens-- their 3rd win over Baltimore this season which in itself should almost be worthy of being crowned the champs... As the Steelers head into Super Bowl XLIII against the Cardinals they must be thinking a little about last season's week 4 loss in Arizona.




There's nothing like a postseason 3 game winning streak unless you started playing in the wild card round and can't get win number 4. The Cardinals peaked at the right time this season and will face the Steelers in SUper Bowl XLIII after defeating the Eagles in the NFC championship game... Arizona and Pittsburgh met last season in Arizona with the Cardinals winning. In that game Leinart and Warner both suited up.




The Eagles had quite the up and down season with a near remarkable finish thanks to their incredible second half of the season, but they fell at Arizona in the NFC championship game.




Once, twice, three times another loss to the Steelers. Oh what could have been for this surprise team in the AFC if they only could have figured out a way to get past Pittsburgh.

= Playoff Adjusted Record.

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